Rebuild Software

We build world-class products


“When we hired Rebuild, our project was behind schedule.”

“They developed a clear plan to mitigate the issue, and resolved the situation. All while maintaining communication and never shying away from difficult conversations. I could not be more grateful for their expertise and integrity.”

iOS & Android
React Native has been our choice for mobile development since it was first announced. We're able to focus on coding once, and have it run natively across multiple platforms.
Web Apps
We've built many public facing websites over the years. Our stack: ReactJS and GraphQL. Real-time applications and instant load times are always on our minds.
Nothing is more important than a smooth release process. We specialize in automating production releases, enhancing audit trails, and robust error logging.

Case Study


We integrated instant error reporting across the architecture at TheDipp, a subscription based news platform.

They've been able to catch issues before users report them, and ensure their test suite covers all scenarios.

Our Team

Our small team combines decades of experience across the stack.

  • Zach Silveira

    Zach Silveira

    Full Stack Developer

    Zach has worked on YC funded projects, the mobile apps team at CNN, and much more. Most recently he's been using Swift and experimenting with ARKit. His go-to is writing TypeScript across the stack.

  • Jeanie Karina

    Jeanie Karina

    Frontend Developer

    Jeanie has been writing ReactJS for over 4 years. She enjoys wiring up designs and interacting with GraphQL servers. When she's not coding, she's at Starbucks.

  • Scott Massengale

    Scott Massengale

    Product Designer

    Scott has done UX and UI work for many businesses and organizations, including Apple, IBM, Intuit, Penn State, and more. He likes to give design talks and lead creative workshops.

Our Software Development Process

Fast and efficient without sacrificing code quality

Test Coverage
Commit -> Deployment

“Zach was super responsive and took the time to understand our needs instead of fitting the project into a pre-existing box. The code was delivered quicker than expected, and was clean, well-documented, and a breeze to maintain. Really glad I went with them!”